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Malibu Club is the top place to come relax and play all your favourites. Join the Club and spin in style all while enjoying these player perks:

  • Customized offers
  • A comprehensive loyalty program
  • An entire customer support team ready to offer top-notch assistance.

Let yourself be catered to by the world’s most exclusive casino club. Welcome to paradise, welcome to Malibu Club.

Malibu Beach
Enter the New World of Mystery
Number 1 Piggy


You won’t find a better place to play than at Malibu Club. Explore the worlds of over 1,800 available slots, or you may prefer the real casino experience, access one of 100 available live casino rooms for roulette, baccarat or blackjack.

Looking for a new challenge? Get inspired by our games collection or keep an eye out for Malibu Club Casino's emails – where you’ll find the best bonuses around.

Number 2 coin

The Golden Token

Have you heard of Oscar, the young man that was never meant to be lucky?
One day, he was walking tired after a long day of work, when realized he's lost his last $5 bill from his pocket.

When he'd had lost all his faith, one tall man in a black cloak appeared out of nowhere. Oscar couldn't see his face, but in his outstretched hand was what looked very much like a coin. “Take it,” said the mysterious man. “This item will bring you great luck,” the man intoned in a deep voice. Oscar took the golden token and looked at it with curiosity.

This was his entry token to the land of Malibu Club Casino.

The mysterious man? You guessed, he was the Lord Malibu Club Casino himself.

He's visiting your email inbox from time to time too. Some of the emails from him contain a golden token for yourself. Claim them and you might get bonuses, spins or even cash prizes.

Number 3 padlock


The Malibu Club Casino is built on top notch security, so you can relax in the safest environment, security features include:

  • SSL connection to protect all your details during any data exchanges.
  • Gaming Authority audits on a regular basis.
  • A vast selection of technical tools, procedures and policies, implemented with the purpose of supporting players in responsible gambling.

If you have any questions and queries about Malibu Club Casino please write to us, via our SUPPORT.